Summer Art Camp 2016

25th July, Sgraffito ceramic carving, 5+yrs, 10-12noon

25th July, Art Rock Charactor Boxes, 5+yrs, 1-3pm

26th July, Puppet Buiding Animation, 8-11yrs All Day*

27th July, Felt Making, 5+yrs, 10-12noon & 1-3pm

28th July, Mosaic Picture Making, 5+yrs, 10-12noon

28th July, Canvas Board Painting, 5+yrs, 1-3pm

29th July, Foam Clay Faces, 5+yrs, 10-12noon

29th July, Ceramic Clock Making, 5+yrs, 1-3pm

1st August, Glas Fusing Introduction, 5+yrs, 10-12 & 1-3pm

2nd August, Puppet Building Animation 12-16yrs All Day*

3rd August, Creative Clay Pots, 5+yrs, 10-12 & 1-3pm

4th August, Fabric Printed Bags, 5+yrs, 10-12noon

4th August, T-shirt Printing/painting, 5+yrs, 1-3pm

5th August, Decopatch Money Box, 5+yrs, 10-12noon

8th August, Textile Art Pictures, 5+yrs, 10-12 & 1-3pm

9th August, Animation Story Telling, 8-12yrs All Day*

10th August, Woodworking Introduction, 5+yrs, 10-12 & 1-3pm

11th August, Bike Maintenance with Bike Tart, 5+yrs, 10-12noon

11th August, Pimp your bike techniques, 5+ 1-3pm

16th August, Animation Story Telling, 12-16yrs All Day*

23rd August, Animation Drawn Animation, 8-11yrs, All Day*

30th August, Animation Drawn Animation, 12-16yrs, All Day*

Workshops are £20 for a half day or £15 for a half day if booking 4 or more sessions! This is not including *Animaton workshops which are £35 for a day session and £30 a session if booking all 3 workshop.

Workshops are delivered by experienced artists at Espression Arts and visiting arts tutors linked to specilised arts and crafts. Prices are per child participating and include all materials, a drink and a snack at each workshop. Booking is essential to avoid disappointment - fill in a consent form!

Children attending moring and afternoon workshops are welcome to bring lunch boxes to have between workshops!

Parents are encouraged not to stay at the workshop unless paying to attend - you are welcome to stay for a coffee to ensure your child is settled.